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  • Dealing with Sensitive Teeth
    Do your teeth hurt after taking a sip of something hot or cold, or while eating something sweet? You could be dealing with sensitive teeth. There are ways to deal with having Read more
  • Tips to Make Flossing Easier
    Make it a HabitFloss everyday and don't think of it as a chore. Add flossing to your daily routine and it will just be part of your normal day not Read more
  • How Stress Contributes To Tooth Loss
    When Demi Moore claimed on the June 12th episode of the Tonight Show that stress “sheared off” her teeth, many alarmed viewers and dental professionals wondered what she was talking Read more
  • The Dental Back To School Guide
    As summer winds down and fall begins, now is the time to make sure your children as well as yourself have everything you need to keep your smiles healthy. The Read more
  • What is a Porcelain Veneer?
    Porcelain veneers have become a popular and attractive cosmetic dentistry procedure for people all around the world. Many people have an interest in veneers but are uncertain of what the Read more
    What’s the first thing you notice when you meet someone? We all know that a bright, white, beautiful smile can get us noticed. Many dental patients come to their Sofferdentistry Read more
  • The Top 3 Warning Signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth
    Wisdom teeth get their name because they are the last teeth to come in. They usually come in when a person is in their late teens to early twenties. An Read more
  • How Safe Are Dental X-rays?
    Dental x-rays are a common diagnostic procedure that is considered extremely safe. Digital dental x-rays have very low doses of radiation, producing just a fraction of what you are exposed Read more
  • The Dangers of Bleachorexia
    A bright smile is always in style. Many people today are trying to get their smile as white as they possibly can. With the convenience of over-the-counter whitening kits, it Read more


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