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  • Proper Brushing FAQs
    Mouth open or closed?After lunch or after dinner?Flat or at an angle?We brush our teeth every day (hopefully!), but who knew it was this complicated. Just grab a brush and Read more
  • The Progression of Gum Disease
    One of the biggest advancements in dentistry in recent years is our improved understanding of gum disease. Gum recession was once considered to be a normal part of the aging Read more
  • Understanding the 5 Stages of Tooth Decay
    Did you know that there are five distinct stages of tooth decay? And, that in the first stage of decay, you can actually take steps to reverse the progression of Read more
  • Protecting Yourself Against Oral Cancer
    If there were a quick and painless way to identify pre-cancerous cells in the mouth of someone you loved, would you want them to try it? What if that person Read more
  • Diabetes and Dental Health
    In the United States, 9.3% of the population is diagnosed with diabetes and it is estimated that an additional 8.1 million people in the country are living with undiagnosed diabetes. Read more
  • 5 Dental Hygiene Tips For Summer Travel
    Summer is here and, for many of us, it’s time for family vacation. Whether you’re boarding a plane, spending a few days at your favorite amusement park, or loading up Read more
  • 5 Benefits of Green Tea for Oral Health
    People assume that just because coffee and tea are bad for your teeth so is green tea. But that is far from the truth because unlike coffee and tea, green Read more
  • Nutrition & Oral Health: You Are What You Eat
    If you’ve ever heard the expression, “you are what you eat,” there may be more truth to that than you think. Our mouth is a tool that keeps the machine, Read more
  • Natural Ways to Sooth a Toothache
    Toothaches can come in many different forms, but no matter which, they’re always uncomfortable. There are simple ways to cure this common problem. Toothaches can be caused by infections, gum diseases, Read more
  • Reason for Extractions
    Reasons for Extractions Dentists have made great strides in saving teeth, but there are still times when extractions are necessary. These situations often arise when there is not enough room in Read more
  • Mouthguards: Protecting the Mouth & the Brain
    Did you know professional football players are not required to wear mouthguards? Given the number of other safety regulations imposed on players, this comes to a surprise to many. According to Read more
  • Dry Mouth
    Over 10% of the population suffers from chronic dry mouth. Sometimes a person doesn’t even notice their mouth has developed dryness. Patients may come in for their routine appointment, and Read more
  • Beating Halitosis
    Bad breath isn’t just a problem for careful brushers. You can spend all day brushing your teeth and still come out with bad breath. But why? Brushing just the teeth may not Read more
  • What To Expect If You Haven't Been To The Dentist In Forever
    It’s easy to miss a dental appointment. Life and duties intervene, and suddenly you have to push your appointment back once, then again, or forget about it. We get that. These Read more
  • Manual Toothbrush vs. Electric Toothbrush
    There’s been a silent battle going on in the toothbrush aisle for many years now. That battle is between the basic, familiar manual toothbrushes and the newer, more advanced electric Read more
  • What is Gingivitis?
    Gingivitis is a word that many people have heard, but not a lot of people know what it is or why you don’t want it in your mouth. Why? Because Read more


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