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Tooth Colored Restorations


Tooth colored white fillings are an attractive alternative to traditional metal fillings. They do not stand out visually like metal fillings, but match your teeth and are virtually undetectable. The material used is known as dental bonding, the same substance used for the procedure called dental bonding. It is a white, durable resin which comes in subtly different shades so we can choose the shade which best matches your natural teeth. A big advantage of white fillings is that they contain no mercury. There is controversy around the issue of how harmful mercury in tooth fillings can be, but rather than subject our patients to any possible harm, we prefer to offer white fillings. They are bonded to the tooth, which strengthens the tooth, holding it together, and prolonging its life.

Tooth colored white fillings are done in one visit, in a procedure much like that for metal amalgam fillings, except that a curing light is used to bond the composite material to the tooth.

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